Saturday, December 29, 2007

Welcome to the Embassy!

"Greetings kings, princes, and warlords all! I am ambassador Chi Sen Fa, and on behalf of his great and royal imperial majesty The Emperor, I bid you welcome to the Embassy of The Celestial Empire! Here you will find tales of valor and glory, of mighty heroes and vile villains, and (most importantly) tales of action of our immortal armies against our seemingly endless legions of enemies! May our glorious Emperor, defeater of a thousand kings, and bearer of the mandate of Heaven shower his bless-"


"(sigh) Of course, your imperial majesty..."

You'll have to forgive Chi Sen Fa, he tends to be a little overenthusiastic. Anyhow, I'm Mike a/k/a The Emperor, and this is the initial blog entry for my new 'ancients' army project, namely an army for the Celestial Empire. The army is based on a period that I've had an odd fascination with, namely post-Han/Three Kingdoms era China. I blame this interest on several sources, namely wonderful WuXia films such as Crouching Tiger, Hidden Dragon and Hero, as well as the Romance Of The Three Kingdoms and Dynasty Warriors video game series. I've also been reading the original novels that said game series are based on, but be warned: Chinese classics are VERY s-l-o-w reading!

This is the point that I would show off some painted miniatures from my army, but I can't do that right now, as I have none! Yup, I will be building this army completely from scratch. I thus have some decisions to make, but hey that's part of the fun. I'll also be talking about a few issues concerning fictitious nation-building, miniature painting, and other odd items that might be of interest. Oh, and I'll let Chi Sen Fa off his leash occasionally, just to keep things interesting.

Anyhow, welcome to The Embassy! These times are sure to be...interesting.